Legislation to introduce - Rebuild America:

  1. Medicare expansion to include all Americans. 
  2. One trillion dollars to repair infrastructure/jobs and provide permanent union employment, preference to minorities and immigrants.
  3. Citizenship for all undocumented persons – five years here, pay $725.
  4. Free in-state tuition for all undergraduates, vocational & academic.
  5. Restore full funding for all women’s health organizations, legislation to make the right-to-choose the permanent law of the land.
  6. Environmental and legislative endorsement of Paris Accord provisions.
  7. Raise minimum wage to $15 per hour.
  8. Expand federal loan reduction and forgiveness employment categories to include all socially beneficial employment, e.g. teachers.
  9. Agriculture subsidies (parity) for small and medium family farms to insure sustainability, especially for non-corporate, organically grown farming.
  10. Nuclear disarmament for all countries, including the US.
  11. Restore civil rights and religious freedom: African-Americans need federal protection from police abuse, Muslims need to feel safe and welcomed, and transgender Americans need protection from discrimination.

  12. Pursue a non-interventionist, put people first foreign policy: The U.S. support for the brutal, misogynistic and anti-democratic Saudi regime's war on the poor people in Yemen is a microcosm of what is wrong with American foreign policy.

  13. Get big money out of politics.

  14. Passage of the Equity Act (LGBTQ rights).

  15. Passage of the Employee Free Choice Act (union protections).

  16. No CAFOs.

  17. Pharmaceutical controls to end opioid epidemic.

  18. Expand free public education from kindegarten through college.

  19. A congressional office in every one of the sixteen counties in the Third Congressional District.

20. Total and comprehensive union support.


How do we pay for Medicare for all?

The top tax rate for those making $418,000 or more per year is 39.6%.  If we raise that rate to 45%, we generate $109 billion dollars more per year.  Over ten years, that's more than one trillion dollars in additional revenues.


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