Rev. Dr. Paul Knupp, Jr on Humanist Activism Interviews

Rev. Dr. Paul Knupp, Jr. is the Co-Founder & President of the Humanist Society of Iowa. He is a Chaplain for the American Humanist Association and trained in theology and psychological dynamics. Here we discuss some of his work and background and thinking. The interview was conducted by Scott Jacobsen of Conatus News


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Bleeding Heartland Community Blog

Bleeding Heartland is a community blog about Iowa politics, especially campaigns and elections, state government, social, and environmental issues. Bleeding Heartland also covers presidential policies and what the Iowans in Congress are up to.

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The Strike That Changed The Rules

At its roots, the battle — launched 75 years ago on May 26, 1937 — began as a conflict over union recognition.

In the end, the face of labor-management relations in the United States was changed, though exactly how is still debated.

The confrontation pitted thousands of steelworkers in the Midwest against the so-called Little Steel companies.

In Youngstown, considered the strike’s epicenter, confrontation was intense and personal.

And deadly.

By William K. Alcorn |

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Paul Announces Bid for Democratic Party Primary Nomination in Iowa's 3rd District

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The Story of Humanists Behind Bars

As I sit in the new prison’s waiting room, I wonder whether my belt will set off the metal detector again. At the old Iowa State Penitentiary, I figured out how to escape the dreaded buzzer with shoes that did not have a metal strip in them and a belt that usually cleared too. But now at the new Iowa State Penitentiary, my belt usually set off the buzzer, requiring me to remove it. After I replaced it, I earned a full frisk and pat-down with the hand-held metal detector. As I thought about this entrance protocol, I mentally reviewed my work with humanists behind bars over the past three plus years.

by Paul Knupp, Ed. D., Dr. • 6 December 2016

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