Paul Knupp Jr.: Socialist Democrat for Congress  

Iowa's 3rd District

Paul Knupp: Democrat Socialist for Congress

Rev. Dr. Paul Knupp JR. was raised in a union family In Youngstown, Ohio. He moved to Iowa 40 years ago. He served 11 churches here and taught at four colleges. He has worked at two public hospitals and was a member of AFSCME.  Paul ran for public office three past times.

He learned that you are what counts.  He is a member of the American Humanist Association, the Democratic Socialists of America, Justice Democrats, the NAACP, Our Revolution, and Black Lives Matter, American Federation of Musicians, Local #75, as well as NAMI.  Paul is a proponent of the social gospel and a liberation theologian.

Please contact us with your ideas or questions. Thank you.

Vote And Elect Rev. Dr. Paul Knupp Jr. to Congress.
He Will Fight For Your Everyday Union Agenda!

Senator Bernie Sanders is my inspiration.  He said, "At this profound moment in American history, where the billionaire class wants to get it all...we have to fight back tooth and nail...We cannot allow them to take over...we cannot allow them to take over America" (pg. 73, Our Revolution).


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