Paul Knupp Jr.: 

Green Party Candidate

State of Iowa

Paul Knupp: Green Party candidate 

Rev. Dr. Paul Knupp JR. was raised in a union family In Youngstown, Ohio. He moved to Iowa 40 years ago. He served 12 churches here and taught at four colleges. He has worked at two public hospitals and was a member of AFSCME.  Paul ran for public office three past times.  He helped start the Iowa Green Party in 1984.


Realizing the need for a real, substantial change in America's political discourse, Paul chose to run for Iowa's 3rd U.S. congressional district as a member of the Green Party - A party that supports the needs of humanity, rather than the greed of humanity. At first, Paul had sought to be the Democratic nominee for the 3rd district, but eventually, the moral and ideological rift between the establishment party leaders and everyday voters became too great to ignore, and Paul rescinded his Democratic Party membership, as many others have since the 2016 election.

"I'm happy to change my registration, and I feel relieved to return. I am Green and I feel at home once again." 

Substantial change means electoral reform. Getting money out of politics. Putting people before Profit. Voting for our values - not playing the crooked games of con men. We believe that everyone deserves a voice, regardless how much money or assets one has. The status quo is nothing more than legalized bribery. Industry outbids everyday constituents for representation, resulting in domination of the working class.

Republicans and Democrats alike are beholden to wealthy donors who wish to expand their investing in politics. Likewise, politicians are being invested in while honest hardworking people donate to these organizations in vain. Considering the current dissatisfaction with congress, we could use a new voice. These parties are fractured, and voters simply "aren't getting what they paid for." Both of these organizations thrive on deceit and systemic control of voters. Both rely on the undemocratic nature of the duopoly.

The United States is one of relatively few countries without proportional representation. Many say we have a "two-party system", otherwise known as the "winner take all" electoral system. You may have noticed a result of this is the phenomenon of tactical voting. If you've ever thought about voting Green or any other "3rd party", you've heard the premise:

You don't belong, your vote is wasted, you're ruining the election. 

On the contrary - Disenfranchisement and limited choice are ruining our elections. Oligarchy is ruining our elections.

For the common good of all, we cast our lot with the Green Party - with ecosocialism. "Business as usual" is no more. We cannot sit idly by as our planet is robbed, ruined, and forsaken, as our people are exploited and abused. We cant afford to be silent about what needs to be done if we want to see progress. Before a problem is ever solved, it must first be recognized. Ecological is Economical. People are routinely killed by excess, sometimes even when they have very little - one of the many dangers of concentrated wealth  

We demand the tables be turned. We demand our rights and our dignity, our freedom and our livelihood, we demand justice, and above all, peace. Our society is dynamic, with change the only constant. We struggle to maintain the order we have, and we strive to build upon the status quo, with hopes of leaving the world a better place than we found it. 

We can do better.

As a people, as a planet,

We must do better.


Green Revolution Rally with Dr. Jill Stein 
Des Moines, Iowa. (9/11/16)


Paul learned that you are what counts.  He is a member of the Sons of the American Legion,  American Humanist Association, the Iowa Green Party, the NAACP, and Black Lives Matter, American Federation of Musicians, Local #75, as well as NAMI.  Paul is a proponent of the social gospel and a liberation theologian.

Please contact us with your ideas or questions. Thank you.


Vote and Elect

Rev. Dr. Paul Knupp Jr. to Congress



People, Planet & Peace 

Over Profit 

Senator Bernie Sanders said, "At this profound moment in American history, where the billionaire class wants to get it all...we have to fight back tooth and nail...We cannot allow them to take over...we cannot allow them to take over America" (pg. 73, Our Revolution).



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